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Utano Aoi

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Born July 4, 1999 in Tokyo.
An actress who is expected to play an active part in the future, with many appearances in movies, advertisements, magazines, etc.



Kazutaka Yamamoto

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Born in 1986, Japanese actor in Tokyo.

After various experiences, he started acting in 2018.  In Japan, he played the leading role in independent movies, and he began to decorate the top 5 pages of magazines every month, and received offers from Korean movies.

the Cast
The Director



Hiroki Utsunomiya

Born March 26, 1976 in Yokohama, Japan. 
Japanese film director. He started his career as an independent filmmaker when he was a student. Currently involved in advertising, commercials, MV, etc.

In 2004, his film "Going for Sunday" was selected as the closing film at an independent film festival of London.
He has a good reputation for his unique perspective, cool and humorous styles. The short film, "Rendezvous" will be the first independent film work in 10 years.


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The mission


Ironically, the city without anyone is beautiful.

It's like a campus with a painter lost.
I want to engrave this scene.
Put it on a wonderful story about a man and a girl ...


This film was shot mainly on May 3, 2020 in Tokyo Japan.
It was much time to Corona every night.

For a man who try to challenge from the opposite point of view, this mission of "Rendezvous" was so difficult and tough.

" But this needs to be shot. I need to hurry."

Surely the "emergency situation" would be cleared.

And people might forget about what happened, what they said, and even what they thought.

The streets would be full of people and cars as if they had never seen before. Before that, I had to get things done.
But above all, the empty town was so beautiful, a poesy of Queen. It never shows her face.

There are men and women in all ages.

And laughter is necessary in any age as well.

So.  This is a comedy.

Even if it's a Corona thing, it's not my style to make it serious.
The history of movies is included in it, packed in most genres.
Please have fun if you have a chance to watch this film "Rendezvous".


Dir. Hiroki Utsunomiya

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